Our Story

The Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center is a non-profit corporation created for the care and rehabilitation of orphaned injured or sick native wild birds, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into their habitats; to provide community education in the ways and needs of wild birds; to promote a deeper respect and understanding of the problems facing wildlife in an environment that is being altered by human activities.

Formed in 1986 and opened to the public in 1995, the Center has grown to accommodate an increasing number of wild birds from the Coachella Valley and beyond. Birds ranging in size from hummingbirds to pelicans and eagles move through the doors of this important rehabilitation center each year. The Center is open to the public free of charge, though voluntary contributions are welcome as the principal means of covering costs incurred to operate the facility.

By The Numbers

What species of bird do you think we care for the most?

We treat the most of 

Cooper's Hawks


Followed closely by  American Kestrels, Barn Owls and Red-Tailed Hawks

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By The Numbers

On average,

how many orphaned, injured or sick birds to we treat per year?


In a typical year,

1000 to 1,300 birds will need our help

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By The Numbers

How many acres of wetlands are part of the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center?


9 acres of wetlands are granted by the Valley Sanitary District

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The wetlands portion of the

Bird Center closed in 2016. 

Hopefully it will reopen in the future.


Birding around the pond and

the center is still available!