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First Aid

Have You Found an Injured Bird? 

Call us at 760-347-2647


We will accept orphaned and injured native wildlife and we can provide advice on distressed or nuisance wildlife

Sometimes, it is very obvious if a bird needs our help such as a visible broken wing.  

Other times, birds that appear helpless are actually better left alone and can rehabilitate on their own.  

When you call, we will ask you some questions from below to better understand the situation the bird is in and determine the best course of action.

Sample Questions We'll Ask When You Call:

  • Where is the bird? (e.g. park, road, backyard)

  • Why do you think the bird needs help?

  • Are there any obvious signs of injury?

  • Have you tried approaching the bird?

  • How close to the bird did you get?

  • Has the bird moved from its original position?

  • Are both wings being held evenly (either next to the body or spread out to threaten)?

  • We will ask you to describe the bird in detail. Identifying the species can help determine normal versus abnormal behavior.

FYI Raptor Rules


It is ILLEGAL to keep a raptor. 

However, it is legal to capture and transport a raptor in order to get care for it.

The Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center has permits from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife to to possess and care for raptors and other migratory birds.

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