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Image by Geronimo Giqueaux
Image by Pete Nuij
Image by Philip Brown
Your Choice of Donation Amount or Donation Level

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

All donations are tax deductible

501(c)(3) Tax Exempt #:   33-0181401


Bald Eagle Ornithophile

This generous donation will allow us to buy 300 mice, 15,000 mealworms,  AND 25 pounds of hummingbird nectar!!!


Barn Owl Ornithophile

This donation can buy 330 mice to feed our birds of prey,  a favorite food of the Barn Owls and Great Horned Owls!


Kestrel Ornithophile

This amount will buy 5 HUGE bottles of Dawn dish soap for Cleaning Cages


Burrowing Owl Ornithophile

The amount will help us buy 180 pounds of scratch to feed our birds


Hummingbird Ornithophile

Donations like this allow us to purchase pipettes to feed and water small birds like hummingbirds.

Any Amount

Ornithophile (Bird Lover)

You can customize the amount that you would like to donate.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, as it will allow us to continue our work. 

Other Ways to Donate:

  • Copies of the Wall Street Journal, Desert Sun, LA Times and USA Today
  • Bed Underpads - Flat 23" x 36" (Bird Diapers)
  • Gatorade (various flavors) for volunteers
  • Bath Towels & Hand Towels (in dark colors such as navy blue, dark brown, etc.)
  • Paper Towels - will take any kind
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